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The Kosher-Oasis is an elegantly appointed, Glatt-Kosher vacation home. It is located in Rancho Mirage, CA (in the Palm Springs area). With views of the beautiful San Gorgonio, San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains, this newly built immaculate home in a private, gated community is the perfect environment in which to rest, relax and recuperate from one’s daily stresses.

Occupancy is selectively limited to observant individuals and families to whom Kashruth is imperative, and the ability to swim and to luxuriate in a Jacuzzi spa in a private, Tznius’dike setting, is essential to their vacation environment.

There is a Mezuza on every doorpost and Jewish art on the walls. For men, there is a daily Minyan within driving distance on weekdays and a Shabbos Minyan within walking distance on Shabbos. Here a Heimishe person does not have to leave his environment to vacation; he can be at home away from home.

The home has three bedrooms and can comfortably accommodate six adults. (The pool is not gated; bringing children is not recommended.)


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Nadlan Nevei-Midbar, LLC, 4221 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 355, Los Angeles, CA 90010